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Free WINTER Plumbing Tips!!

'Welcome to MWF Plumbing, Stanthorpe's plumbing experts. Our third generation plumbing company has been serving Stanthorpe, the Granite Belt and surrounds for over half a century. With a wealth of knowledge and experience at hand, drop in today and have a chat with us about your plumbing or heating requirements. With winter now becoming a distant memory, the wood and gas heaters are beginning to become dormant for another 8 months or so. Now is the perfect time to give your wood or gas heater a bit of loving care, making sure that its in good stead and ready to go for next winter. Good service practices for wood heaters is to clean the flue, remove all but most of the ash from the firebox (its recommended to keep about an inch of ash coverage on the bottom), clean the glass, make sure the baffle is in servicable condition, make sure the air vents are not clogged, door and glass seals in good condition. Also check the chimney cowl and deck-tite. While you're on the roof, check for any lifting sheets or roofing screws that need attention. Gas heaters are only serviceable by properly trained and licensed staff. With the hot season rapidly approaching, there are several things the home owner needs to attend to, particularly those who live outside of the town limits. Bushfires are not uncommon. Having a plan to reduce the risk of fire damage is wise. Simple things such as making sure all leaves are removed fom the gutters, keeping grass and vegetation maintained around houses and sheds. Most people have petrol powered pumps, if this is the case, make sure they are working properly, the tank is full of fuel, the hose and fittings are serviceable. You dont want to find out there is a problem with your pump when you need it. If you dont have one, or your old pump is due for replacement, come in to our showroom and inspect the Davey range of Firefighters. The purchase of a good quality portable petrol pump is an excellent investment. it is surprising how many people assume they can use their domestic supply pressure pump and a garden hose as a planned method of bushfire defence. It must be noted that in most instances, bushfires will damage powerpoles and powerlines and a power blackout will ensue. With no power, the 240v pressure pump will not operate. We also stock camlock fittings for fast and reliable couplings, fire hose kits, and all other items required to commission a petrol powered pump. '

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